Monday, October 18, 2010

Finding a Original Nokia Product in Bangladesh

It's true that Nokia has a good market share of Cell Phone in Bangladesh. The has authorized dealer / exclusive outlet in Bangladesh. When a customer want to buy a Original Nokia Product, they must visit this dealer.

If you are user of high level (in price) product like Nokia N97 or E63 that's is different, but  user with low budget get different experience on this so called  exclusive outlet. The experience they get is something like 'If you buy, buy now or get lost'. It's really story. I hope Nokia will take care of this issue related to behavior to to low budget customer.

The most important issue is, some employee of these authorize dealer / outlet sell duplicate product from their showroom without original cash memo. This kind of things happen specially the customer want to buy or buy a mobile handset has no idea or can't read Bangla or English.

Other issue is, if you buy a product from Nokia Showroom, both for expensive and inexpensive mobile handset, dealer sell faulty product which is known to them. As soon as the payment maid and found that your handset is faulty, they will just refer you to Nokia Customer Care, which called NokiaCare. I will suggest Nokia to investigate the issue. They will not take any responsibility for this factory defected handset. For a customer it is not easy to check all the option like Bluetooth, FM radio etc when buy a product.

We hope that Nokia will take care of those issue very urgently or they will lost the market share soon.

Ahamed Bauani

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